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Are you looking for Steam Solutions in NYC? As a manufacturer's representative for steam traps in the greater New York Metropolitan Area since 1986, G.D.T. Associates, Inc. provides and maintains steam traps and condensate handling system for a number of notable customers throughout New York City. Our locations range from the Bronx Zoo to the Brooklyn Superior Court, as well as various other institutions, office buildings, apartments and hotels.

For over 25 years, G.D.T. has supplied steam heating systems and condensate handling equipment to:

  • Residential Towers
  • Office Buildings
  • Public Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Government Facilities
  • City Agencies
  • Universities
  • Manufacturing Facilities

Our Client List Includes:

  • Mechanical Service Companies
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Plumbing & Heating Wholesalers
  • Heating Distributors
  • Pump Service Companies
  • Property Management Companies
  • Building Owners
  • City, State, and Federal Agencies
  • Various Local Housing Authorities

The following New York City locations contain equipment supplied by GDT Associates, Inc.

Steam Solutions NYC | Energy Saving Steam Traps NYC - Image 51 Madison – One of our locations is 51 Madison Avenue. This location, also known as The New York Life Insurance Building, contains equipment from G.D.T. including vacuum condensate pumps by Skidmore. This location serves as the headquarters for the titular New York Life Insurance Company and is easily recognizable from the Empire State Building due to its shining gilded roof.

Steam Solutions NYC | Energy Saving Steam Traps NYC - Image 1 120 Broadway - This famous building is also known as The Equitable Building, because it was originally constructed for the Equitable Life Assurance Society for the United States in 1915. The building is still renowned to this day due to its characteristic H shape and the fact that it is covered entirely in Yule marble. This location includes Skidmore vacuum condensate systems from G.D.T. Associates, Inc.

Steam Solutions NYC | Energy Saving Steam Traps NYC - Image 2 300 CPW - One of our recent installations is the famous El Dorado apartment building at 300 Central Park West in Upper Manhattan. The NeoClassical style building has been upgraded with custom designed vacuum condensate systems manufactured by Skidmore as well as many F&T repair kits from Barnes & Jones.

Steam Solutions NYC | Energy Saving Steam Traps NYC - Image 3 Brooklyn Superior Court - The Brooklyn Superior Court is an important regional court that handles all cases of its regional jurisdiction, as well as appeals from lower courts. This location is one of many administrative buildings in New York City with both Skidmore and Barnes & Jones steam heating equipment.

Steam Solutions NYC | Energy Saving Steam Traps NYC - Image 5 Brooklyn College - Brooklyn College is a large college that is considered to have the most beautiful campus in the country, as well as an academic track record that rivals many Ivy League schools. Such a large campus requires intricate condensate handling systems by Skidmore.

Steam Solutions NYC | Energy Saving Steam Traps NYC - Image 6 Lenox Terrace - Lenox Terrace is a large apartment building located at the heart of Harlem in upper Manhattan. This location includes six buildings containing thousands of Barnes & Jones steam traps saving energy. This building is beloved by tenants and a fixture of the area. It is considered central to the neighborhood around Lenox Avenue, and is one of our most valued locations.

Steam Solutions NYC | Energy Saving Steam Traps NYC - Image 9 NYC Schools - At G.D.T., We have provided steam traps and condensate handling systems from Barnes & Jones and Skidmore for hundreds of schools located throughout the five boroughs of New York City. A lot of these schools are quite large and require complex systems, which are our specialty.

Steam Solutions NYC | Energy Saving Steam Traps NYC - Image 8 PCVST - Peter Cooper Village / Stuyvesant Town is a famous, large apartment complex comprised of 91 buildings on 80 acres in Southern Manhattan. As one of the largest apartment complexes in the city, the complex was outfitted with custom designed vacuum condensate systems, which enable steam distribution at subatmospheric pressures.

For more information about our Steam Heat Systems in NYC, call G.D.T. Associates, Inc. at 212-466-3126.

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